Block Control

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What makes Block Control a superior Ad Blocker?

Block Control includes the results of 20 years of internet advertising monitoring, which results in targeted server and location data to block ads.  We keep up to date with the latest ads.  We also do not block normal online services like e-commerce sites and web fonts, since they are unrelated to ad blocking.

2. How often is Block Control updated?

We update the Content Blocker at least once a month.  Also stay tuned for new features!

3. I am a content creator and do not want my ads blocked, what alternatives are there to full ad blocking?

We recommend Patreon. Visit to setup support for your website and content. You can also ask your visitors to turn off ad blocking when they visit your website.

4. Why are ad blockers popular?

As the New York Times recently reported, ad blockers save time downloading less data, and save data and transmission fees (where applicable) with reduced data usage.  Most mobile plans have data caps, so ad blockers help conserve the subscribed data plan.  We have also found that excessive ad-based CPU processing results in additional loss of battery reserves, which is especially important for mobile devices.

5. What types of internet advertising requires ad blocking?

Previously, magazine and newspaper styled-ads — relating to the article’s content — were useful and sometimes interesting. Unfortunately, most internet ads go beyond simply displaying relevant ads and are known to: Pop up or take over the screen. Play high-bandwidth content like video ads. Play sounds, disrupting any music listening you’re listening to. Tracking your browser activity to sell you items unrelated to article content, perhaps something you searched for an hour ago, or for items where you’ve already made a purchase. There is no interactivity to tell ads ‘I am not interested in this item, please stop showing me ads about it’. Ads sometimes display incorrectly, obscuring article content. Ad servers are sometimes hacked and deliver unwanted software payloads for mobile devices.

Click here to try Block Control for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.


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