Super Blue Fugu

Help and support is available for the Amazing Blue Fugu and Super Blue Fugu.  Post any questions, game bugs or requests here.  We’ll respond as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions:  (FAQ)

1.) Where do I find the Amazing Blue Fugu and Super Blue Fugu?
Answer: Click here to visit the iTunes App Store! Also try Super Blue Fugu: Super Blue Fugu is free, but requires a Game Center account, and your score is tracked!  It’s a fun, online alternative to Amazing Blue Fugu, and you can take on the world with Game Center high score tracking! Super Blue Fugu is available on iTunes.

2.) How do I control Blue Fugu?
Answer:  Touch the screen where you want to go.  Each tap takes Blue Fugu anywhere on the screen in less than a second.  Avoid the mines and bonk as many fish as possible!  Get those fish!

3.) I seem to miss the fish…
Answer:  To bonk the most fish in Amazing Blue Fugu, don’t move to where the fish are, move to where the fish are going to be!
The Amazing Blue Fugu was released January 21, 2011 on the Apple iTunes App Store.  Subscribe to the RSS feed to be notified of new updates to this blog.  This blog is your online manual for the Amazing Blue Fugu.  Click the Help & Support link above for instructions and game hints.

Learn more, read reviews, and download the Amazing Blue Fugu by Titanbase Productions on the iTunes App Store.

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Amazing Blue Fugu and Super Blue Fugu (with Game Center support) are available! (iPhone/iPad/iPod Game)

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Join Blue Fugu in the epic search for companion fish Red Fugu! To find Red Fugu, you’ll explore different zones, face new challenges and more! The Amazing Blue Fugu is an arcade experience — on the go!

Plays great on the iPhone with a completely new and immersive iPad experience in high-definition!


  • 10 unique zones and 100+ levels to explore!
  • Bonus levels!
  • Survival levels!
  • Hours of fun!
  • Classic arcade gameplay!
  • Full touch control!
  • The challenge never ends with unlimited levels!

Fun for all ages with addictive action! Every game is new adventure! Can you defeat the challenges, level up and find Red Fugu?

Copyright © 2000-2011 Ben Lindelof.  All rights reserved.  Thank you for visiting!

The Blue Fugu fish animation is based on the art style concept at:  Check iTunes for help with app download issues.


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